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Our Story

Our story begins with Chris, a seasoned contractor with decades of experience in the industry. After years of working on countless homes, Chris noticed a glaring problem – conventional home inspection agencies were falling short. They were missing critical details, providing vague reports, and leaving clients with more questions than answers.

Determined to correct these failures, Chris set out to create a better way. He founded Syscheck Home Inspections, with a singular mission: to provide the most comprehensive, detailed, and reliable home inspections in the business.

With his extensive contractor background, Chris brought a unique perspective to the industry. He knew what to look for, and how to communicate complex issues in a clear, concise way. He assembled a team of expert inspectors, trained to his high standards, and together they set out to raise the bar in home inspections.

Today, Syscheck Home Inspections is the go-to choice for homebuyers, sellers, and real estate professionals who demand the best. Our inspections are thorough, our reports are detailed, and our commitment to excellence is unwavering. We’re proud to be the trusted partner in your real estate journey.

What We Believe In 

Accuracy Matters: We believe that a home inspection should be thorough, precise, and reliable. Our inspectors leave no stone unturned, ensuring you have a complete understanding of your property.

Transparency Is Key: We believe in clear, concise communication. Our reports are detailed, easy to understand, and free of technical jargon.

Expertise Counts: We believe that experience and expertise make a difference. Our inspectors are highly trained and seasoned professionals, dedicated to delivering exceptional service.

Your Peace Of Mind Is Paramount: We believe that a home inspection should give you confidence and peace of mind. We’re committed to helping you make informed decisions, without surprises or regrets.

Meet Our Founder

Chris, a seasoned contractor turned CEO, founded Syscheck Home Inspections to revolutionize the industry. With decades of experience, he identified the flaws in traditional home inspections and created a superior alternative, delivering top-notch services to clients




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I Highly Recommend Chris!!! I recommended him to my buyers as he was referred by another Realtor. Chris is very responsive and thorough. Chris made me look good to my buyers.


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